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Civil Society’s Role in Monitoring and Verifying Peace Agreements: Seven Lessons from International Experiences

Peace agreements last longer when effective monitoring and verification—the processes of collecting information and using it to evaluate compliance with the agreement—are in place. Civil society groups are usually left out of these processes despite demonstrated success when they are included, particularly in intra-state agreements. Civil society can offer local knowledge, access to communities, capacity, expertise, and additional legitimacy to monitoring and verification. Building on two research projects led by Dr Thania Paffenholz,, this report examines the different ways in which civil society has engaged in monitoring and verification of past peace agreements and provides a set of seven lessons for the effective use of civil society in these processes. Read the full report here.

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March Newsletter–Design Thinking: It’s All in Your Head


At GameChangers 360, we’re all about GameChanging people and issues. We also know that changing the game begins in your head. That’s right. You need to think it before you can achieve it. Design Thinking is a concept we love because it helps you understand the power of your noggin, your noodle, your dome. And once you get it, there’s no going back to Kansas, Toto.

Not too sure what design thinking is? We help you get to the heart of the matter by starting off with an article that we like to call Design Thinking 101 (even though that’s not its actual title). Jon Kolko provides the basics about Design Thinking, a human-centered approach to creative problem solving, and also touches on the finer points and benefits of engaging in this way of thinking in a far more eloquent way than we just did above.

In celebration of International Woman’s Day on March 8th, we’ve also highlighted some articles and initiatives that discuss how design thinking can be used to promote women’s and girls’ leadership and agency. If design thinking can help with the wicked problem of leveling the playing field for women and girls, imagine what it can do for you and your organization! Contact us for information regarding GC360 design thinking workshops.

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