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How to Support Male Allies in Your Journey to Inclusion

While many businesses in India recognize the importance of investing in gender diversity initiatives, Karthik Ekambaram’s article notes that such ventures will fail if inclusion is absent. With the majority of power positions in organizations held by men, it is crucial to encourage men to be allies in the process of inclusion, gender diversity, and retention of female employees. A number of companies across industries in India exemplify the ways in which inclusion can be promoted through fostering a male ally culture. Read the full article here. 

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September Newsletter – Gender Equality Drives Innovation

Gender Equality Drives Innovation

Gender equality achieves so much. It improves the bottom line, guarantees more resources for children, and increases the chance of lasting peace in areas of conflict. But did you know that gender equality also drives innovation? Businesses and nonprofits around the world are finding that gender diversity in their staff encourages new ways of thinking, giving them an edge in their work. That’s what we call a win-win.

It shouldn’t be surprising that including women in male-dominated forums (aka the world as we know it…) would promote diversity of thought. But the idea that gender equality can drive innovation is only just starting to take hold. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll explore how exactly gender equality drives innovation and how to catalyze women’s participation in business and technology.

Mark Twain once said there is no such thing as a new idea. We think he might say otherwise if he had asked a few women.

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