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July Newsletter – Siri, What’s the Deal with Women in AI?
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Siri, What’s the Deal with Women in AI?

The field of artificial intelligence is ever-growing, its technologies ever-more pervasive and organizational structure bleakly uniform. In nearly all aspects of AI, including development of and existing technologies, a significant gender bias persists, leading to the underrepresentation of women in AI. This has got us GameChangers asking: Siri, what’s the deal?

AI blends the intricacies of human intelligence with the operational strengths of a machine. As a result, the world is increasingly connected to, if not run by, strikingly efficient technologies. If everyone is expected to benefit from this technology, it’s crucial that the organizations behind AI development integrate female perspectives in the process.

This month we explore the gender biased roots of current AI technologies like Alexa and Siri, initiatives challenging the male-centric nature of AI, and the role of one robot in tackling gender inequality in AI. Siri, can you say, ‘it’s about time’?


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