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September Newsletter – 21st Century Dostoevsky: War and Peace of the Cyber Variety

Photo credit: Mark Verch

The United States, Russia, China, and other nations are creating their own cyber armies, committing acts of cyber offense to gain the upper hand against their adversaries. Non-state actors are also deep in the thick of cyberwar. The Syrian Electronic Army, a loosely organized group of hacktivists, disseminates pro-regime propaganda and attacks opponents by defacing their websites, hijacking Domain Name Systems (DNS) and spreading malware. The Ukrainian Cyber Alliance has a history of hacking Russia-backed separatists’ cell phones and computers and, more significantly, in 2016 hacked into Kremlin emails.

In the alternative, organizations are cropping up to protect against these threats, such as the Cyber Peace Corps and the Cyber Peace Foundation, being preemptive to prevent the problem before it starts. And, of course, the United Nations is also involved in devising ways to promote and ensure cyber peace, focusing on cybersecurity and internet governance.

To help us all understand cyberwar and cyber peace a bit better, we’re sharing three pieces guaranteed to satisfy a variety of time constraints/levels of interest. Enjoy!


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