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Search for Common Ground


Founded in 1982, Search for Common Ground works to transform the way the world deals with conflict – away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative problem solving. They work with local partners to find culturally appropriate means to strengthen societies’ capacity to deal with conflicts constructively: to understand the differences and act on the commonalities.

Using innovative tools and working at different levels of society, SFCG engages in pragmatic long-term processes of conflict transformation. Our toolbox includes media production – radio, TV, film and print – mediation and facilitation, training, community organizing, sports, theater and music. They promote both individual and institutional change and are committed to measuring the results of their work and increase their effectiveness through monitoring and evaluation. They currently work in 26 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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Women & Security–Articles

Bastick, Meghan and Tobie Whitman.
A Women’s Guide to Security Sector Reform,
Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) and Inclusive Security, 2013.

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).
Gender and Security Sector Reform Toolkit – Tool 13: Implementing the Women, Peace and Security
Resolutions in Security Sector Reform.

Security Sector Reform.

Peterson, Allison.
Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism in Pakistan: Why Policewomen Must Have a Role,
Policy Brief, Institute for Inclusive Security, March 31, 2014.

Peterson, Allison and Huma Chughtai.
Why Pakistan Needs a Few Good Women,
The South Asia Channel, Foreign Policy, July 29, 2014.

Mohamed, Shukri.
Somalia: Somali Women ‘Untapped Resource’ in the Fight against Al-Shabaab,
All Africa, July 29, 2014.



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