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What We Do

GameChangers 360 is a social enterprise and information-sharing platform dedicated to helping organizations and individuals achieve results that matter.

Our decades of experience helping governmental, corporate, and not-for-profit organizations fulfill diverse missions in multiple countries enables us to quickly grasp your distinct objectives and determine practical ways to achieve them. What sets us apart is how we identify under-recognized and underestimated actors and issues that are key to changing the game and help you to work effectively with them.

GameChanging operations

Businesses and NGOs wanting to improve internal operations commonly focus their efforts on strategies, policies, procedures, or stand-alone training sessions, ignoring the importance of actively engaging staff members in the change process. GC360 knows that understanding what motivates people to embrace change — as well as what inhibits them from doing so — is key to developing courses of action that are effective and sustainable. Acknowledging the game-changing influence of all individuals, we help our clients create environments that unleash collective action and targeted problem solving aimed at improving operations, upping their game exponentially.

GameChangers in peace and conflict

For too long, the narrative surrounding conflict and peace has focused almost exclusively on the role of men and the formal sector, e.g., security, government, justice, and the economy. Our decades of experience working in areas experiencing conflict has shown that key influencers like women, youth, tribes and informal justice systems have been overlooked despite their active role in peace and conflict. We help our clients work toward lasting peace and stability by identifying local GameChangers and developing collaborative partnerships with them, thereby leveraging and capitalizing on these untapped resources.

Our services include:

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Assessment
  • Training and education
  • Course of action mapping
  • Project, exercise, and workshop design

GameChanging information sharing

GameChangers 360 not only provides real world expertise concerning who’s who and what’s what in peace, conflict, social justice, and organizational change, but also helps our clients stay current by serving as a one-stop source for news, academic research, blogs, videos, and other resources about important game-changing people and issues. To learn more, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.