Changing the Game by Inciting Awareness

GameChangers 360 is a woman-owned social enterprise providing consulting services and subject matter expertise dedicated to helping organizations achieve results that matter.

If you’re looking to:

Promote gender diversity • Improve organizational culture
• Leverage people, perspectives and processes

Let us help you.

We’re a small team comprised of “pracademics” — we know our stuff academically and how to apply it practically. In other words, we know that knowledge, tools and skills are important, but people determine whether or not change happens. If you’re interested in leveraging your team’s diversity of thought, talent and experience to change the game and achieve your goals, contact us. We look forward to the conversation.

Consulting Services

We help you facilitate change by identifying and working with under-recognized actors and issues that are key to achieving your objectives.

Partner with GC360

We work with organizations looking to understand the human aspect of change so that, together, we can help them achieve their goals.

Subject Matter Expertise

Need a program designer, training instructor or a keynote speaker? Our GameChanging Subject Matter Experts can provide what you are looking for.

Create change and achieve results that matter—with GameChangers 360